List of changes on Galaxy


  • API:
    • Adds a new mutation to Galaxy GraphQL API that enables the upsert of domains with automatic certificate generation. For more details, please refer to the graphql docs API on API Explorer - saveDomain(domain: DomainInput!): Domain.


  • Logs:

    • Adds option to go back in date with a date picker
    • Improves performance for long logs listing by virtualization
    • Adds a shortcut on the timestamp of a log to quickly jump to a date
    • More details on the video below:


  • Activities:
    • Hides app unavailable activities from the right side bar


  • Activities:
    • Hides container unhealthy activities from the right side bar


  • Notifications:
    • Fixes link to Notifications doc
    • Fixes the state of Notifications settings after save
  • Misc:
    • Exposes all the states on invoices list in the account settings page


  • Triggers:
    • Labels changed: Series to Sample duration, Metrics quantity to Sample quantity and Seconds interval to Run every (seconds).
    • Fixed alignments and spacing.
    • Fixed validation between min and max containers.


  • Triggers:
    • Changed the color to indicate when a day of week is enabled.
    • Fixed validations on Advanced Settings and Rules.


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