List of changes on Galaxy

v2.0 (2021/04/23)

  • Deploy:

v1.22 (2021/04/23)

  • API:
    • new startApp and stopApp mutations.

v1.21 (2021/02/17)

  • Logs
    • Filter logs between two dates

v1.20 (2021/01/16)

  • Cloud UI Update

v1.19 (2020/11/12)

  • Security:
    • New app protection features, fine tune how many requests do you want to accept and control each block individually.

v1.18 (2020/11/04)

  • API:
    • new createdAt field on Container type.

v1.17 (2020/11/03)

  • Core:
    • Free deploy with Cold start (meteor deploy –free).
    • MongoDB included (meteor deploy –mongo).

v1.16 (2020/10/27)

  • UI:
    • It’s now possible to set the minimum supported version of TLS on each app by going to: Settings -> Security -> SSL TLS Protocol support
  • Proxy:
    • The proxy layer now blocks requests based on TLS app security configuration.

v1.15 (2020/09/30)

  • UI:

    • Search by container id on containers tab inside your app

    • See your app ID in the tooltip of app status green circle

  • Containers:
    • New container sizes: Octa (8 ECUs and 8 GBs of RAM) and Dozen (12 ECUs and 12 GBs of RAM)

v1.14 (2020/09/27)

  • API:
    • Support custom certificates

v1.13 (2020/09/17)

  • UI:
    • Bug fix on loops with notifications resulting in a better performance in the UI as well.
  • Deploys:
    • Better performance
    • Timeouts were increased as well
    • Build cache support (Meteor 1.11)

v1.12 (2020/09/08)

  • UI:
    • Support for private cluster in the UI, now clients with private clusters can move their apps back and forth to the public clusters using the UI

v1.11 (2020/08/26)

  • Logs:
    • Better performance when loading the logs

v1.10 (2020/08/20)

  • Domains:
    • Enable unicode domains on galaxy - change regexp for turkish characters

v1.9 (2020/08/13)

  • API:
    • Domains: Adds a new mutation to Galaxy GraphQL API that enables the upsert of domains with automatic certificate generation. For more details, please refer to the graphql docs API on API Explorer - saveDomain(domain: DomainInput!): Domain.

v1.8 (2020/08/07)

  • Logs:

    • Adds option to go back in date with a date picker
    • Improves performance for long logs listing by virtualization
    • Adds a shortcut on the timestamp of a log to quickly jump to a date
    • More details on the video below:

v1.7 (2020/07/30)

  • Security:
    • 2FA
    • App Protection

v1.6 (2020/07/16)

  • Triggers:
    • Kill container trigger

v1.5 (2020/07/02)

  • Activities:
    • Hides app unavailable activities from the right side bar

v1.4 (2020/06/29)

  • Activities:
    • Hides container unhealthy activities from the right side bar

v1.3 (2020/06/25)

  • Notifications:
    • Fixes link to Notifications doc
    • Fixes the state of Notifications settings after save
  • Misc:
    • Exposes all the states on invoices list in the account settings page

v1.2 (2020/06/05)

  • Triggers:
    • Labels changed: Series to Sample duration, Metrics quantity to Sample quantity and Seconds interval to Run every (seconds).
    • Fixed alignments and spacing.
    • Fixed validation between min and max containers.

v1.1 (2020/06/04)

  • Triggers:
    • Changed the color to indicate when a day of week is enabled.
    • Fixed validations on Advanced Settings and Rules.

v1.0 (2020/06/03)


  • We started to use this change log at 2020/06/03.
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