Describes the high-level features and actions for Meteor Cloud in the near-to-medium term future.


Up to date as of Feb 14, 2022

As with any roadmap, this is a living document that will evolve as priorities and dependencies shift; we aim to update the roadmap with any changes or status updates every quarter.

Monitoring system

Offer the APM for apps not hosting with Meteor Galaxy, smart alerts specific for Meteor apps, and integrations with Galaxy metrics.

Improve Cloud UI

Provide a better UX across Meteor Cloud features.

Improve Push To Deploy

Support other Git providers and automatically deploy an app version of an open pull request.

Serverless Meteor Methods

Ability to run servers for Meteor Methods only when needed and scales automatically.

File Storage

Secure and durable Cloud Storage, easy to use with Meteor packages.

Service for Communications

Provide services to enable clients to send email and text messages using very friendly Meteor packages.

DNS Services

Improve DNS set up to make configuration easier. Provide domain registration.

Improve Debugging

Server-side CPU, memory profiling, and ability to attach the Node inspector

Native app build and publish

Build and publish Meteor Mobile Native apps to App Store and Google Play

Recently completed

One Time Password on Meteor Accounts

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Deploy from Git push

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