The guide for deploying, scaling, and managing Meteor apps on Galaxy

This is the official documentation for Galaxy.

What is Galaxy?

Galaxy is the simplest way to deploy, scale, and manage your Meteor apps.

  • One command deploy: Deploy your Meteor app in one command

  • Seamless scalability: Customize the size and number of containers to meet your apps unique resource requirements

  • Simple management: Use a unified interface to manage, understand usage characteristics, and adjust settings for all your Meteor apps

  • Integrated Meteor APM: Use Meteor APM to optimize the performance of your production application.

Get Started

  • Use the deploy quickstart to deploy your app to Galaxy. It is recommended for developers who have experience deploying apps with remote databases.

  • Follow the deploy guide for a detailed step-by-step tutorial of deploying your app to Galaxy.


Ongoing Galaxy documentation development takes place in the open on GitHub. We encourage pull requests and issues to discuss changes that can improve the clarity and quality of content.

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