The guide for deploying, scaling, and managing Meteor apps on Meteor Cloud

This is the official documentation for Meteor Cloud.

What is Meteor Cloud?

Meteor Cloud is the only full service cloud offering to host, monitor and manage Meteor Applications. Get access to Meteor APM, Atmosphere and Galaxy Hosting all from one centralized dashboard with Meteor Cloud.

Why Choose Meteor Cloud?

By creating a Meteor Cloud account you get access to:

  • Meteor specific hosting: Get access to premium hosting features like triggers and notifications, as well as advanced security measures like IP whitelisting, app protection and much more. See more info on Plans and Pricing

  • Organizations: Collaborate with fellow developers throughout the extensive Meteor Ecosystem

  • Free deploy: Deploy your application quickly for free using our Free plan and MongoDB auto-configuration. Great for staging environments and early iterating with Meteor

  • Atmosphere: Immediately get access to the community library of open source packages built and used by thousands of Meteor Developers for almost a decade

  • Peace of mind: Have the peace of mind that comes having experts in Meteor architecture supporting your application

What is Atmosphere?

Atmosphere is the directory of community built packages available for download, completely free and accessible through your Meteor Cloud account. Rather than start from scratch, the Meteor community has solved many problems for you (such as user login and data synchronization). We highly recommend you take advantage of their hard work!

To learn more about creating and publishing packages, please visit the Meteor Guide.

What is Meteor APM?

Meteor APM is the only app performance monitoring tool build specifically for Meteor applications. Meteor APM is available for apps on the Meteor Cloud Professional plans. For more information on Meteor APM and how to get started, visit Getting Started with APM. We have plans to also make Meteor APM available as a standalone and separate service very soon.

What is Galaxy Hosting?

Run your apps with confidence. Galaxy is easy to start, excellent to grow your app and fully-featured to support your needs as you scale.

  • Push To Deploy: update your app directly from your Git repository

  • Auto-scaling: Customize the size and number of containers to meet your apps requirements and triggers to scale automatically

  • Simple management: Use a unified interface to manage, understand usage characteristics, and adjust settings for all your Meteor apps

  • Notifications: Receive in your Slack or Email what is happening in real-time

  • Integrated Meteor APM: Use Meteor APM to optimize the performance of your production application

  • Meteor expert support: Have answers to all your questions

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Ongoing Meteor Cloud documentation development takes place in the open on GitHub. We encourage pull requests and issues to discuss changes that can improve the clarity and quality of content.

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