Learn how to check and follow Galaxy's status

Galaxy’s status is available from the status page at All Galaxy issues are posted to the page, once confirmed.


You can find out about Galaxy issues as they are identified, investigated and resolved through the status page. While our goal is to have as few incidents as possible, the status page will alert you when service interruptions do occur.

Support collaborates with the Engineering team to make sure the status page is updated in a timely fashion, with brief explanatory status messages. If you have questions about an issue as it develops, contact support for more information.


Subscribe to our status page to find out about updates in real time. You can select email, SMS, webhook or RSS feed status update notifications, depending on your preference.

By selecting a notification method, you’ll find out about issues potentially affecting your app from the moment the team records work on them. Even if you’ve already contacted support, the status page update will generally come first.

Potential issues

If you believe you may have discovered a Galaxy issue, or are currently experiencing one that is not noted on the status page, contact support. While our SLA is within 1 business day from the time of your message’s arrival, support will usually update more frequently in the event of a service interruption.

When reporting an issue, please include any contextual information that will help our team dive in (normal container startup time vs. current container startup time, app name, etc.). This will shorten the troubleshooting cycle and generally reduce the time to resolution.

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