Widgets for PubSub

PubSub Summary

Pubsub Summary is a set of important performance metrics related to your publications. These are the metrics:

  • Response Time - Average time taken to process your publications in the server
  • Sub Rate - Rate of new subscriptions
  • Active Subs (Average)

Sub Rate and Unsub Rate

This chart shows the rate of subscriptions and unsubscriptions per minute. We can see how busy our application is in terms of new subscriptions and unsubscriptions.

Active Subs and Average Lifetime

This chart shows the number of active subscriptions on the server and the average lifetime of a subscription. With this information, we can see how busy our subscriptions are in terms of quantity and lifetime. 

Publication Breakdown

Publication Breakdown allows you to sort by different values and find out how your publications work. These are the values you can sort:

  • Sub Rate
  • Unsub Rate
  • Response Time
  • Network Latency
  • Est. Memory Usage
  • Low Update Ratio
  • Low Observer Reuse
  • High Observer Reuse
  • Shortest Lifespan
  • Active Subs

Response Time with Traces

Response Time chart shows how the Response Time changed with the time.

Additionally, if you like to inspect a trace of a method call at a particular point, simply find that point on the chart and click it. You’ll get a few sample method traces: you can have it analyzed with just a click. 

How do we track traces?

It is impossible to send all the subscription traces processed on your app into Meteor APM. Instead we pick outliers and send them. We send all the collected traces (if exists) once a minute.

This is how a trace looks like:

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