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Galaxy Support

You can submit tickets to Galaxy support at You can also access the ticketing page from the left-hand dropdown menu within your Galaxy account. If you’d rather use email, you can open a case by emailing All inquiries end up in the same queue and will be responded to by our support team.

Galaxy’s support response is email-only. All Galaxy customers who submit support cases are eligible to receive our 1 business day Support SLA.

Galaxy’s support hours cover all business days (holidays excepted) from Monday-Friday, 9AM-5PM Eastern Time. Our commitment to you is to respond within the span of one business day from the time of your message’s arrival. If you write in outside business hours, your message’s arrival time, for SLA purposes, will be counted as the next earliest business hour.

Galaxy support is dedicated to resolving Galaxy-specific issues and troubleshooting cases where Galaxy’s performance may be at fault. If you surface a bug in Meteor or Galaxy that prevents deployment, or uncover a problem or performance issue with Galaxy as a whole, Galaxy support will work to resolve this.

While we strive for “best effort” with regard to non-deployment questions pertaining to Meteor, third-party packages and other topics, they are not an officially supported Galaxy subject matter area. Galaxy support does not provide code-level review.

If you would like expert assistance with your Meteor question, consider a subscription to Meteor Developer Support.

Enhanced Galaxy Support Options

Galaxy customers have the option to upgrade to higher levels of paid Galaxy support for guaranteed response times as short as 15-minutes with 24x7x365 coverage, including critical cases related to application downtime or degraded performance.

Please contact Galaxy Sales for more details.

Meteor Developer Support

Meteor Developer Support helps customers build production Meteor apps the right way, ensuring architectural best practices and timely responses to technical inquiries related to Meteor application development.

Please fill out our Developer Support form for more information.

Support Scope

Because of the wide surface area involved with Galaxy, a number of issues peripherally connected to Galaxy may be classified as out of scope. Questions about an app’s performance, stability and implementation are separate from, and different than, supported questions targeting Galaxy’s uptime, health, and general deployment capabilities.

Unsupported issues would include but are not limited to:

  • a conflict between a third-party npm package and Galaxy that prevents deployment
  • an out-of-date or obsolete third-party npm package
  • a database issue on a Galaxy-hosted app
  • a question centering on Meteor code or Meteor code snippets
  • a DNS issue involving MX records
  • a Kadira issue (as opposed to Meteor APM)

If you write in to support about an out of scope issue, Galaxy support will explain its status and decline to continue investigating the issue.

Please familiarize yourself with our Terms of Service and contact support if you have further questions.

Venues for Assistance

Every Galaxy user is also welcome to follow up on GitHub or the forums. GitHub is excellent for tracking issues, while the forums are provided for community use concerning any kind of issue.

If you believe your issue is related to Meteor, you can file a bug or add a comment to an existing bug to pursue resolution. Consider searching Stack Overflow for a solution, if applicable.

If you’d like for a dedicated contractor to review your app or work on your issue, consider weworkmeteor or, more generally, Toptal.

Company Holidays

Non-business days include:

  • 01/01 - New Year’s Day
  • 7/4 - Independence Day
  • Last Monday of May - Memorial Day
  • Last Thursday of November - Thanksgiving
  • 12/25 - Christmas Day
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